Who Is Muhamed Gaye?

Muhamed Gaye is a Rhode Island born comedian raised in Gambia, West Africa. This unique background has given him a lot of material to use on stage and off. Always dropping a joke when he can, Muhamed Gaye, was naturally drawn towards the comedic stage at a young age. Starting with a rap career, he quickly realized, he sucked, moved to improve, then theater, and finally landed at comedy. This was where he excelled beyond his wildest imagination, and still continues to break barriers in his young career. He’s been performing since he was 17, and within the last year, he’s shared the stage with greats such as Dan Naturman, Jim Gaffigan, Jerry Seinfeld and Deon Cole.

Always able to connect with his audience wherever he goes, Muhamed Gaye has performed in front of audiences diverse in age, cultures and ethnicities. From Seattle, WA, to New York City, NY, Muhamed Gaye has performed in comedy clubs, colleges, at weddings, and corporate events across America. 


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